Please read the following:

If you are shopping for a cash register, please note that you are purchasing a technical commercial product.

A cash register is not as easy to set up like a paper shredder or a time clock. Cash registers need some programming and set-up. Although programming can be a little challenging we are here to help you.

At Cash Register we offer our customers FREE LIFETIME tech support on their purchase. You will need tech support, and we are here to help you! All you need to do is dial 239-693-3800 for assistance. You can read our policy regarding tech support by clicking here. If you do not feel like programming your register, no problem, we can arrange to completely program it for you for a nominal fee.

It is OUR GOAL to keep our customers happy! Satisfied customers have led to many referrals for us. Check out our customer list to see a few of the businesses that we have been able to serve.

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