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   Casio Model CE-4700

A retail system solution with feature efficient business management. The CE-4700 is designed to handle the daily functions that any large business throws at it.The CE-4700 can handle up to 99 different clerks, let you know if it's time to reorder stock, calculate commission rates, and take care of many other functions.

The CE-4700 is an excellent choice for retail, liquor, grocery and many other high demanding business enviornments.

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Features & Benefits

  • 99 groups
  • 99 departments
  • 99 clerks
  • 4,813 short plu's
  • 3,651 long plu's
  • Inventory control
  • PC and IRC communications
  • 3 RS232 ports (optional)
  • Barcode scanner port
  • Scale port
  • Gallonage departments
  • Guest check tracking
    Short plu's
    • Sales data
    • Amount/quantity
    • Open plu's
    • Discountable status
    Long plu's
    • Sales data
    • Amount/quantity
    • Open plu's
    • Stock control
    • Actual/stock totalizer
    • Minimum stock quantity
    • Reorder warning
    • Bottle link
    • 6 digit random plu's
    • Discountable status
    • 4 tax tables
    • 2 price levels
    • Stock and price inquires
    • Selective item discounting
    • Commission rates
    • Calculation for clerks
    • Batch report system


21 column dot matrix alpha-numeric system, receipt on/off switch, 2.8 lines per sec.

Paper Roll

12 digit alpha numeric display; 10 digit numeric display, front and back

Cash Drawer
5 bill/5 coin compartment

Memory Protection
48 hour full charge protects memories for approximately 90 days

Back-up Battery
Rechargeable cadnica battery

Operating Temperature

Power supply
AC: 120V, 60Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)
14.5"(W) x 8.75"(H) x 17.75"(D)

36 lbs.