Sam4s ER-650 w/ Integrated Credit Card & PC Report Connectivity

Low rate credit card processing via an integrated credit card swipe directly on a Sam4s ER-650 cash register with access to online sales reporting and programming via your PC.

  • Get low rate processing
  • No application fees
  • No set-up fees
  • Sterling Bridge™ Software & Datacap credit card terminal for $24.95/month
  • FREE lifetime tech support

    Quite simply, buy a Sam4s ER-650, and sign up with Sterling Payment Technologies to get the whole package.

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    -----Sam4s ER-650 Cash Register Features-----

    The Sam4s ER-650 is an extremely popular cash register, and is now even more valuable as a point of sale tool given its connection with Sterling Bridge™. Sterling Bridge™ gives remote online access via your PC to view sales reports and make programming changes. More information on Sterling Bridge™ is listed below.

    Listed below are some of the highlights of the ER-650 cash register.

  • Up to 12,000 PLU's w/ RAM
  • 8 x 20 backlit LCD display
  • Page up & down through large orders
  • 98 Flat keys - Easy to clean
  • 63 PLU's on keyboard
  • 5 bill/ 5 coin metal cash drawer
  • Fast reliable thermal printer
  • IRC (up to 8 registers)
  • 2 RS-232C ports
  • Food stamps
  • 4 tax tables or rates
  • Up to 8 charge tender functions
  • Age Verification

    Download the ER-650 Brochure (PDF) (126K)
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    -----Sterling Bridge™ Reporting/Programming Features-----

    Turn your Sam4s ER-650 cash register into your most important business asset.

    Take more control over your business and save time and money with detailed online back office reporting through the Sterling Bridge™ - quickly, securely and easily. The Sterling Bridge™ provides outstanding reporting and management tools, including Financial, PLU, Stock, Time, Clerk and Daily reports, and the ability to remotely manage, delete, and update PLU information from any location at any time via Sterling's secure web portal. Reports can be viewed and printed, or data can be exported directly into bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks.

    Your Sam4s ER-650 Sterling Bridge Reports include:

    • PLU Updates: Allows merchants to add, delete, or update PLU information on the cash register securely via the Internet at any time, from any location.
    • Financial: A breakdown of sales across all tender types - cash, check, credit, debit and gift cards. Export to a spreadsheet or bookkeeping software.
    • PLU: Provides merchants with a snapshot of what products sold for the day, and perhaps more importantly, which products did not. They can print this info on a daily basis, or they have the ability to search historical data by selecting a unique date range to create reports from any combination of days. PLU reports allow merchants to monitor trends and then through PLU update, adjust product descriptions and pricing accordingly.
    • Time: A round-the-clock view of the day's sales. This report allows merchants to analyze when sales are high or low.
    • Clerk: A report that details employee sales across all tender types. Track which employee sells the most and set date ranges to determine why.
    • Daily: This report provides a view of daily sales activity over a specific time span, allowing a merchant to adjust days of operation to those with higher sales.
    • Stock Reporting: Keep track of merchandise sold and know when to reorder before it's too late.

    Download the Sterling Bridge™ Brochure (PDF) (725K)
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    -----Integrated Credit Card Terminals-----

    Sign up for processing with Sterling Payment Technologies and choose what type of integrated credit card terminal that you want. We offer dial-up, broadband and broadband with dial-up back-up.

    A strong advantage with choosing Sterling with the monthly payment package is that should your credit card terminal become defective, Sterling will switch out the defective unit with a new one. Given that these integrated Datacap credit card terminals are very expensive, this can save you spending hundreds of dollars on repairs, maintenance or replacement should the need arise.

    Product Brochures - Integrated Units

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