UNDER $300 Credit Card, Cash Register Combo Special

Casio TK-950 Shown
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  • Buy the Casio TE-900 for $269 or TK-950 for $299
  • Sign up for processing with Sterling Payment Systems
  • We offer competitive rates
  • Once signed on, get an integrated credit card terminal
  • Package keeps your budget in $300 price range
  • Our package helps you keep more money in your business

    Look below for more info on our packages & processing.

    Bundled Integrated Credit Card Terminal

    Choose the credit card terminal below that best fits your business.

  • Dial-up: DataTran for a $695 savings.
  • Broadband: IPTran for a $795 savings.
  • Broadband w/ Dial backup: TwinTran for a $1199 savings.

    Call us at 239-693-3800 for more details.

    Here is all you need to do... Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

    1. Buy any one of the following listed cash registers below.
    2. Sign up for credit card processing. Plus...
      Our rates are VERY competitive + we will BEAT your current rates.
    3. We program your credit card terminal, ship it and your cash register.
    4. When your products arrive, call 239-693-3800 for FREE set-up assistance.

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    Casio TE-2400 shown

    Cash Registers w/ Credit Card Interfaces

    Interface any of the following cash registers below directly to a credit card terminal as shown to the right and receive the following advantages.

  • Speed up transaction times
  • Save counter space
  • Eliminate double entry errors


    TE-900, TK-950, TE-1500, TK-1550
    TE-2200, TE-2400, TK-3200, TE-3000
    TE-4500, TE-7000, TE-8500, QT-6100, QT-6600


    ER-285M, ER-380M, ER-390M, ER-5215M
    ER-650, ER-650R, ER-650SS

    Gift Cards

    Buy any of the above listed cash registers, and take advantage of a gift card program. Gift cards are great promotional tools to increase sales and company awareness. Click here for more info on gift cards.

    Low Processing Rates

    Don't really need a terminal, but want LOWER processing rates? We will BEAT the current processing rates that you already have! Call us at 239-693-3800, to see how much we can lower your rates.

    Rapid Funding

    Do you need funds to start, grow or help float your business during tough times? Get Sterling Funding! Sterling Funding is easy, quick and painless. Click here for more details.

    -------- Product Brochures - Integrated Units --------

  • Dial-up Credit Card Processing Unit

    DialTran SL - Standard dial-up credit card terminal w/ mag strip reader

  • Broadband (Cable or DSL) Credit Card Processing Units

    IP Tran - Broadband unit for extremely fast processing speeds

    TwinTran - Broadband w/ Dial-up back-up unit for cash register systems

  • Integrated Pin Pad Debit Card Peripherals - (OPTIONAL)

    Verifone 1000 SE - For Dial-up only - Standard pin pad debit entry - Integrates to DialTran.

    Verifone SC-5000 - For Broadband only - Incorporates mag card reader & pin pad in one unit.

    -------- Product Brochures - Stand Alone Units --------

  • Stand Alone Terminal Brochures

    Verifone VX-510 - Terminal recommended for retail businesses

    Waysystems MTT 1510 - Wireless terminal (process cards anywhere)