International Ordering & Power Conversion

We specialize in selling cash registers internationally. We have sold cash registers around the world from the Azores to Australia. We work fast to get you your order as quickly as possible. Many of our international customers are very pleased by our low cost of shipping and rapid delivery time.

If you have any questions regarding international purchasing, please contact us with your requests.

International Purchasing

We can only accept credit cards issued in the USA and Canada. Credit cards issued in other countries cannot be accepted due to the fact that we cannot verify international credit card billing addresses.

Outside the USA or Canada, Here are your options:

  • Paypal (must ship to your billing address held with PayPal)
  • Make a bank transfer
  • Send funds via Western Union
  • Send a certified cashier's check

If you would like to purchase via one of the above methods, please either place your order online and choose the payment method you prefer or contact us for information on how to proceed. When you place an order for an international shipping destintation, we review each order to arrange for consolidation of your order. On most occasions we can reduce the shipping charges that our website will offer.

International Shipping

We ship products within the USA and Canada via UPS, FedEx and/or US Priority Mail. The choice is yours upon checkout.

We offer various methods of shipping for your convenience. We generally ship to Hawaii, Alaska, US territories, Military APO/FPO, and international locations via U.S. Global Priority Mail with 3-10 day delivery as the rates are the lowest and there are no brokerage fees.

If you have a freight forward company, we can ship to them and they can forward to your country. Please be aware that your country may charge you duty fees or other applicable taxes upon receipt of your purchase.

Please be aware that on international shipments, you will most likely have to pay duty and/or other government fees or charges. We have no control over these added expenses, nor can we forecast what they will be. We HIGHLY recommend using either US First Class mail or US Priority Mail for shipments leaving the USA. UPS and FedEx do impose brokerage fees which can be expensive. is not responsible for paying these fees. If the customer decides to return the package, they are responsible for any return fees. Such fees and the original shipping price charged will not be credited if a package is returned.

Foreign Language Use

Spanish, French & German Needs

If your cash register needs to be programmed or used in Spanish, French or German, we recommend the Casio models TE-3000, TE-4500, TE-7000 and TE-8500 as they can be programmed and used in these languages. Foreign language manuals will need to be purchased as only English manuals come standard.

Spanish Needs

The following models include a Spanish/English programming manual with the register.

Casio models: SE-S400, SE-C450, SE-S3000, SE-C3500, TE-2200, TE-2400

Sharp models: XE-A207, XE-A407, XE-A507

Power Conversion

When you choose to buy a cash register or other electronic product from us and use it OUTSIDE the USA or CANADA, you will likely need a power converter to convert the voltage of your country to US standard 110/120V power.

The Casio models are an exception to the rule. The Casio SE-S400, SE-C450, SE-S3000, SE-C3500 will automatically detect the voltage difference and adjust for it. With the Casio TE-2200 and up, we would need to change the power setting in the register before we ship, thus eliminating the use of a power converter. All other cash registers not mentioned here will require a power converter.