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NCR 2170 has been discontinued.
Call 941-693-3800 for part availability.

Prices may be inaccurate and subject to change

 Main Modules

Part #

Part Description


 2170-2100R  Main Module - Retail $700
 2170-2100H  Main Module - Hospitality $700
 2170-2100R  Main Module - Hospitality (w/ LCD Display) $1,200
 2170-K260  60 Key Standard Keyboard $115
 2170-K261  80 Key Standard Keyboard $150
 2170-K057  176 Key Micromotion Keyboard $150
 Customer/Operator Displays
 2170-K060  1-Line Numeric Operator Display (1 x 10 char) $135
 Works only with 2170-K235 Customer Display
 2170-K235  Numeric Customer Display w/Post $80
 (1 line x 10 char.), Approx. 1.5ft. Cable
 2170-K061  2-Line Alpha-Numeric Operator Display $270
 (2 line x 20 char.)
 Works with either 2170-K245 or 2170-K246
 Customer Displays
 2170-K245  Alpha Numeric Customer Display Unit $195
 Approx. 2.5ft. Cable (2 line x 20 char.)
 Display doesn't include stand
 2170-K246  Customer Display Unit $135
 Approx. 2.5ft. Cable (1 line x 10 char.)
 Display doesn't include post
 2170-K247  Post for Customer Display $20
 Approx. 18" High
 2170-K248  Stand for Customer Display $20
 Slip Printers

The NCR 2170 has a variety of printer options. Both two-station NCR 2170 printers produce customer receipts and transaction journals. The 24-column receipt/journal printer with 1-line validation is ideal for low volume environments and the 24-column heavy-duty receipt/journal printer accommodates high-volume environments. In addition, the NCR 2170 is available with the NCR 7193 Thermal Receipt Printer. The thermal printer is designed to fit all retail environments and provides fast silent printing of up to 600 lines per minute. The 40 Column Slip Printer is used for forms printing and validation.

 2170-K193  Receipt/Journal Printer w/Knife $530
 24 Column, Multi-line Validation
 2170-K194  Receipt/Journal Printer w/o Knife $365
 24 Column, Single Line Validation
 2208-7513  44 Column Slip Printer $795
 Approx. 15ft. Cable & Power Supply
 7161-4225  Remote Kitchen Printer w/ Cutter $535
 7193-1505  Thermal Receipt Printer, w/Knife $660
 Cash Drawers

For complete operator accountability, two cash drawers can be installed at each terminal: the standard 10-compartment cash drawer or the enhanced cash and media drawer with a convenient slip slot for checks and credit card vouchers. An optional unifying tray allows total integration with other NCR 2170 components.

 2170-K121  Cash Drawer $110
 5 Bill, 5 Coin w/ Lock
 TRAY-1721  Cash Till for Above Drawer $35
 2170-K128  Cash Drawer w/ Media Slot $265
 5 Bill, 5 Coin w/ Lock
 2126-K160  Cash Till for Above Drawer $35
 2170-K145  Terminal Tray (Integrates Components) $50
 2170-K182  Bezel for 7193 Thermal Printer $25
 Scanners & Scales
 2170-K430  GP Handheld Scanner $715
 7870-2000  Scanner and Scale $2,995
 7880-1000  Scanner $1,345
 7870-2000  7880 Scale Upgrade $990
 7890-0200  Presentation Plus Scanner $795
 7825-0707  Post Display for Scanner $225
 Scanner/Scale Items 7870, 7875, 7880
 1424-C031  Extension Cable for K246 Customer Display $25
 1416-C039  Host Cable (RS232 to 2170) for 7890 $65
 1424-C031  Extension Cable for K246 Customer Display $25
 1416-C020  PC Interface Cable w/25-Pin Plug $65
 1424-C022  Modem Interface Cable $25
 1424-C019  Remote Printer Cable (for 2173 & 7161) $65
 1424-C023  Remote/Journal Printer Cable $20
 1424-C042  EPT Interface Cable (Verifone) $35
 1424-C045  PC Interface Cable w/9-Pin Plug $65
 2170-K100  Dual Port RS-232C Board $110
 2170-K101  Quad Port RS-232C Board $170
 R-520  512K RAM Chip $50
 R-530  128K RAM Chip $30
 2170-K421  Wetproof Overlay - 80 Key Keyboard $25
 2170-K422  Keyboard Overlay - 176 Key Keyboard $30
 2170-K730  1 x 1 Key Caps (30 pcs) $65
 2170-K731  1 x 2 & 2 x 1 Key Caps (20 pcs) $90
 2170-K732  2 x 2 Key Caps (20 pcs) $75
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