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This website is solely for information regarding SamPOS and QuickaLink software, and therefore we do not sell SamPOS or QuickaLink direct.

To order SamPOS or QuickaLink, you may contact us, and we will redirect you to one of our resellers.

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Listed below is a review of our packages and suggested retail pricing.

SamPOS Plus Versions

SamPOS Lite

Poll all your reports from the ER-650. Fully customizable report management is at your fingertips, nothing else is needed. Reports are not consolidated, but are available for each cash register (up to 8 cash registers). Banking and basic reports from the cash register are also stored daily for reference.
Suggested Retail $399

SamPOS Standard

With the same polling features as SamPOS lite, as well as manage a SINGLE store (up to 8 registers) with inventory and stock taking reports. Set par levels to be informed when to re-order.
Suggested Retail $595

SamPOS Pro

With the same polling features as SamPOS standard, poll all your reports from the ER-650's and manage several stores (up to 8 registers per store) and the INDIVIDUAL store inventories from one PC. Set par levels for re-order warnings when stock is low. Also includes graphical reports to see at a glance how the business is operating. A separate and customizable report allows you to compare stores against one another on different criteria.
SamPOS PRO Works with Windows XP ONLY
Suggested Retail $895

QuickaLink Versions

Financials Version
All financial amounts (cash, check, charge, tax, RA's, PO's, etc) are entered into allocated accounts in Quickbooks.
Suggested Retail - $199

Groups Version
All financial information and Group totals (often referred to as Departments or Categories, max 99) are sent to QuickBooks.
Suggested Retail - $299

Inventory Version
All financial information as well as all detailed PLU sales information is transferred allowing you to utilize all the Quickbooks Inventory features. Inventory is decremented automatically giving you an exact picture of Inventory levels and costs.
Suggested Retail - $399

* Version selection is made when registering the software with the vendor.