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Sampos Key Features

PLU Control

  • Quick and Easy setup of new PLU's
  • Select Group and just add Description and Price
  • Arrange and prepare specials ahead of time
  • Safely store and backup your PLU file
  • Families field is useful for tracking suppliers or other various functions

ECR Control

  • Use Drag-and-Drop to easily move registers between ECR stations
  • User friendly graph showing how full the register is at any time
  • Call Sales Manually or automatically from individual ECR's at any ECR station.
  • Centralized ECR control from one computer using integrated modem communications or direct..

Inventory Control (Standard & Pro Only)

  • Inventory counter feature for simple tracking and counting of inventory
  • Provides basic discrepancy and discrepancy values for counted inventory
  • Enter your purchases and wastage to keep track of inventory levels
  • Set reorder levels and then view Replenishment Reports to streamlining purchase ordering - based on minimum supplier reorder quantities

Labels and Accounts

  • Create text file for export to Product Labelling Software
  • Create text file for export to Accounts Package Software

System Control

  • Multi-User application with message exchange
  • System messages remind users to perform important tasks
  • Manage Clerks and maintain full security control for each of the system users
  • One button modem setup tool.
  • Import data for new site or ECR from ECR or data file.

Help Screens

  • Context Sensitive help is only an F1 key away

  • Full training power-point program provided.

Support System

  • Runs on Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000 SP 1, and Windows XP
  • Integrated internet updating function

SamPOS Plus Versions

SamPOS Lite

Poll all your reports from the ER-650. Fully customizable report management is at your fingertips, nothing else is needed. Reports are not consolidated, but are available for each cash register (up to 8 cash registers). Banking and basic reports from the cash register are also stored daily for reference.
Suggested Retail $399

SamPOS Standard

With the same polling features as SamPOS lite, as well as manage a SINGLE store (up to 8 registers) with inventory and stock taking reports. Set par levels to be informed when to re-order.
Suggested Retail $595

SamPOS Pro

With the same polling features as SamPOS standard, poll all your reports from the ER-650's and manage several stores (up to 8 registers per store) and the INDIVIDUAL store inventories from one PC. Set par levels for re-order warnings when stock is low. Also includes graphical reports to see at a glance how the business is operating. A separate and customizable report allows you to compare stores against one another on different criteria.
SamPOS PRO Works with Windows XP ONLY
Suggested Retail $895

Coming Soon!

QuickaLink Interface for SamPOS Plus

  • Download banking information from SamPOS directly into Quickbooks.

SamPOS+ Screenshots

Click on Pics for Larger View

Main Screen

Register Setup Screen

Employee Management Screen

Specials Screen

PLU Screen

Banking & Information Screen

Inventory Report Screen
(Standard & Pro Only)

Par Levels Screen
(Standard & Pro Only)

Inventory Adjustment Screen
(Standard & Pro Only)

Last Modified 10/15/03