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Casio QT-2100 Restaurant Cash Register System

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  Only $1,499   

The QT-2100 has been designed with a high flexible system configuration to meet various types of hospitality market demands. A small footprint and low-profile design combines w/ a bright LCD display that shows up to 16 lines of 40 characters each. The QT-2100 includes a spill-proof reversible 168-key flat keyboard to allow worry-free operation in food service and bar applications. A large memory capacity (4MB std., 8MB max) provides the business owner with future expansion. 6 RS232 outlet ports enable multiple peripherals to simultaneously be used.

Optional equipment includes kitchen printers which can be shared among terminals (up to 4 kitchen printers can be connected in line w/ a maximum cable length of 1 kilometer), receipt/journal printers, rear or remote customer displays, a slip printer (SP-1200), and more!

Cash Register Store will program this cash register for $299 and only $99 for each additional machine. NO ONE OFFERS A BETTER DEAL THEN WE DO!

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 Features & Benefits

  • Departments: customizable
  • PLU's: customizable
  • Clerks: customizable
  • Spill-resistant flat keyboard
  • 168-key reversible keyboard
  • 16-line x 40-column operator LCD
  • Up to 2 cash drawers
  • Up to 8 menus & 8 Price Levels
  • Connect up to 4 kitchen printers
  • 6 RS-232C ports
  • Input/output ports for...
    • Inter-register communications
    • Slip printer
    • Kitchen printer
    • Scanner
    • Scale
    • Remote pole display
  • 2-line alpha customer display
  • Large capacity, flash memory
  • Time & attendance functionality
  • Item data capture
  • Hourly report by item
  • Eat-in/take-out functionality
  • Order store and recall
  • Display
    16-line x 40-column operator LCD

    Customer Display
    2 line alpha-numeric

    Memory Capacity
    4 MB standard, 8 MB max w/ RAM

    Memory Protection
    48 hour full charge protects memories for approximately 90 days

    Back-up Battery
    Rechargeable cadnica battery

    Operating Temperature

    Power supply
    AC: 120V, 60Hz

    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    15.5"(D) x 10.5"(W) x 9.5"(H)
    406mm(D) x 270mm(W) x 93mm(H)

    9 lbs - 4kg

     Additional Features & Benefits

    Comprehensive clerk control:
    All registration keys, mode control, X/Z report control and menu sheet access can be allowed or prohibited for each individual clerk.

    Secure back-up system:
    The system can be configured for a single or multiple back-up masters to suit the required level of system security.

    Flat keyboard menu sheet holder:
    The sheet holder attached to the QT-2100 keyboard controls up to 4 different menus. Instead of menu shift keys, menus are changed by changing a setting position on the keyboard.

    Employee Time Keeping:
    Calculate hours worked and accumulated pay, based on programmable pay rates, job codes and printable employee schedules, as well as manager controlled clock-in/clock-out functionality.

    Flash Memory Card:
    Optional memory card allows backing up of system program. Program additional QT-2100's in a few easy steps by transfering program from card to machine. This is a great security option to save your original program.

    Remote operation:
    In-line X/Z data collection and consolidation as well as auto programming can be performed using a remote command sent form a personal computer through a modem to the QT-2100.