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In order to assure you, the end-user, of warranty protection, Sharp extends a limited warranty to each of its authorized dealers, and in turn requires each of its authorized dealers to extend its own warranty to you on terms that are no less favorable then those given to the dealer by Sharp.

Cash Register Store warranties all Sharp products we sell for a period of 90 days for parts and 90 days for labor. For warranty assistance, please contact us for procedures involved in repair of your Sharp product.

You should be aware, however, that Sharp does not extend any warranties, either express or implied, directly to you, the end-user, and no one is authorized to make any representations or warranties on behalf of Sharp. Specifically, SHARP DOES NOT EXTEND TO YOU, THE END-USER, ANY EXPRESS WARRANTY OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTIBILITY, FITNESS FOR USE OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULIAR PURPOSE IN CONNECTION WITH THE HARDWARE, SOFTWARE OR FIRMWARE EMBODIED OR USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS PRODUCT. Sharp is not responsible or loss, either direct, incidental or consequential, which you, the end-user, may experience as a result of your purchase of use of the software, hardware or firmware embodied in or used in conjunction with this product. Your sole remedy in the event that you encounter any difficulties with this product is against the authorized dealer from which you purchased the product. In the event that the authorized dealer does not honor its warranty commitments, please contact the General Manager of Sales, Retail and Financial System Division, ISG, Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, P.O. Box 650, Mahwah, NJ, 07430-2135 so that sharp can try to help you to assure complete satisfaction of all the warranty rights to which you are entitled from the authorized dealer.