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Casio TE-4500SS Electronic Scanning Cash Register

General Information

Cash register includes cash drawer
and Metrologic scanner shown here

The Casio TE-4500SS features a base of 5,000 plu's standard and can easily be upgraded to 25,000 scanning plu's with a memory upgrade. A Metrologic MS-9520 laser scanner is standard with the package. There are many outstanding features which include a tiltable 5.2 inch wide color LCD screen with 2 lines x 16 characters and a 1 line numeric operator display offer the customer a clear view of transaction information. Choose from 5 selectable colors for the LCD display. This LCD screen displays characters larger than any other cash register system which is great for people with limited vision.

A full flat spill resistant 106 PLU keyboard distinguishes the Casio TE-4500 from the TE-3000 cash register. The flat keyboard configuration caters to the hospitality industry as generally more keys are required for a larger number of menu items then standard raised key cash registers. The spill-resistant keys help protect against accidental spills on the keyboard from leaking into the circuitry damaging the main board.

The Casio TE models ranging from TE-3000-TE-8500 feature flash card technology. The flash cards serve as a secure program back-up. When your register has been programmed, save your file to the flash card, and store it in a secure location. In the event that you lose your program via electical surge, program tampering, etc, you can reload the program to your register.

A 2-station, 14 lines per second, silent and wide 58mm printer offers the option of using the built-in auto cutter or tear bar to generate a customer receipt. The printer includes drop-in paper loading with graphic and watermark logo printing for professional presentation of customer receipts (w/ optional software).

Download A Factory Brochure (PDF) (471K)
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Cash Register Features & Benefits

  • Base 5000 scanning plu's
  • Scan up to 25,000 plu's w/ Memory
  • 30 departments (max 99)
  • 99 clerk sign-on
  • 2 line alpha-numeric LCD screen
  • Customize your screen colors
  • Flat 106 PLU keyboard
  • High speed R/J thermal printers
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Graphic & logo printing (w/ software)
  • 3 RS232 serial ports for:
    • Scanner
    • Printers
    • PC
    • Scale
    • Credit/debit interface
  • IRC communications (optional)
  • Flash card technology
  • Employee time clock
  • Mix and match discounting
  • Not found item file
  • Up to 25,000 plu's w/ RAM
  • Clerk detail tracking (max 200)
  • Sub-dept/group linking
  • Food stamps
  • 3 price levels
  • PLU stock control
  • Interface up to 3 cash drawers
  • Suspend/resume
  • Bottle link
  • Clerk commission rates
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • Time & Attendance
  • Cash Register Product Specifications

    Flat, 106 Programmable PLU Keys

    Operator Display
    16x2 VFD alphanumeric + 1 line numeric
    10 digit numeric customer display

    Customer Display
    Pop-up rotary, 1 line numeric

    Thermal Alpha-Numeric, 14 lines per sec.
    graphic & watermark printing
    commercial and trailer messages

    Paper Roll
    58mm x 80mm(D)

    Cash Drawer
    Large 5 bill/5 coin metal cash drawer w/ lock and removable cash till

    512K standard, expand to 1.5MB

    Flash ROM

    Memory Protection
    48 hour full charge protects memories for approximately 90 days

    Back-up Battery
    Rechargeable cadnica battery

    Operating Temperature

    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    410(W) x 332(H) x 454(D)

    35 lbs.

    Call Us @ 239-693-3800

    Our Price $1,249



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