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Casio TE-8500 Electronic Cash Register

Cash Register General Information

The Casio TE-8500 is suited primarily for the restaurant industry. Although the Casio TE-8500 cash register can be used in retail it is not recommened for grocery as there is no food stamp function. The Casio TE-8500 cash register is comparable with the Casio QT-2100, yet at a lower cost. Some standard features include a multi-line customizable color LCD display. Yes, you can arrange the LCD to your color preferences. The screen can tilt to various angles for easy viewing. Multi-function keys are arranged below the screen for clerk entry and/or other features. A full flat 106 plu spill resistant keyboard helps expand your menu keys and protect the circuitry underneath. Standard are 2 extremely reliable high speed quiet thermal printers with paper auto cutter. Easy drop and load paper make changing paper rolls fast and simple, and the printer features graphic logo and watermark for richer receipt images (software needed for graphic logos).

The Casio TE cash register models ranging from TE-3000-TE-8500 feature flash card technology. The flash cards serve as a secure program back-up. When your register has been programmed, save your file to the flash card, and store it in a secure location. In the event that you lose your program via electical surge, program tampering, etc, you can reload the program to your register.

Other features include a pop up rotary customer display, 4 RS232 ports for attaching various peripherals, built-in Arcnet for inline communications for up to 32 terminals. With the TE-8500 cash register enter in orders at one unit and it will transfer through other TE-8500 units in the chain to send an order to a kitchen printer. Access guest checks at one station and adjust them from another station. The inter-register communications are great for high volume fast paced enviroments.

Cash Register Store will program this cash register for $299 and only $99 for each additional machine. NO ONE OFFERS A BETTER DEAL THEN WE DO!

Download A Factory Brochure (PDF) (252K)
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Cash Register Features & Benefits

  • Departments: customizable
  • PLU's: customizable
  • Clerks: customizable
  • Flat, 106 PLU keyboard
  • 11-line x 12-column operator LCD
  • Multipurpose keys below LCD
  • Optional Flash Card
  • Up to 2 cash drawers
  • Up to 8 menus & 8 Price Levels
  • Connect up to 4 kitchen printers
  • Share printers between units
  • 4 RS-232C ports
  • Input/output ports for...
    • Inter-register communications
    • Slip printer
    • Kitchen printer
    • Scanner
    • Remote pole display
  • Communicate up to 32 terminals
  • 1-line 10 digit customer display
  • Large capacity, flash memory
  • Time & attendance functionality
  • Food stamps
  • Item data capture
  • Hourly report by item
  • Eat-in/take-out functionality
  • Order store and recall
  • Cash Register Product Specifications

    Flat, 106 PLU spill resistant membrane

    11-line x 12-column operator LCD

    Customer Display
    1 line, 10 digit numeric rotary

    2 station 58mm thermal printers
    w/ auto cutter and logo stamp

    58mm thermal paper

    Memory Protection
    48 hour full charge protects memories for approximately 90 days

    Back-up Battery
    Rechargeable cadnica battery

    Operating Temperature

    Power supply
    AC: 120V, 60Hz

    Dimensions w/ Drawer
    19"(D) x 19"(W) x 12"(H)

    Cash Register Weight
    39 lbs

    Call Us @ 239-693-3800

    Our Price $999



    Configured w/ 2 Drawers

    Software Screenshots
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    Keyboard Programming

    PLU Programming

    Department Programming

    Memory Allocation

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