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   Casio Model TK-7500 Demo Unit

A brand new system for the year 2000. The TK-7500 offers a feature other cash registers do not have; the ability to be used and programmed not only in English, but in Spanish and French as well.

The TK-7500 comes equiped with a spill resistant, 106 flat PLU plus 31 flat free function keyboard.

A very nice feature the TK-7500 has is the optional RAC-9 memory card. This card contains your system program which can be transferred to other TK-7500s for quick system program uploads.

The TK-7500 comes with a scanning capability under stand alone scanning and it can be expanded to 5,000 items by adding optional memory chips.

Essential functions for the scanning environment such as Not Found PLU, PLU batch maintenance file, bottle link and Mix and Match functions are available on the TK-7500 model.

ONLY $899

Cash register includes cash drawer



Features & Benefits

  • Up to 5,000 scanning PLU's
  • Flat spill resistant keyboard
  • 3 RS232 ports - PC communication, modem, kitchen printer, scale, slip printer, or scanner
  • Inter-Register Communications IRC
  • 2 line 16 character alpha-numeric, 1 line 10 digit numeric operator display
  • 16 character item descriptor
  • Flash ROM Technology
  • Flash pack program backup device
  • 3 tax tables plus food stamps
  • Scheduler function
  • Mix/Match table
  • Inter-Register Communications
  • Guest check tracking (stand alone)
  • Clerk interrupt function
  • Clerk key and receipt on/off switch
  • Pop up rotary customer display
  • Optional RAC-9 memory cassette provides easy and quick upgrades of application software
  • Built-in Arc-net for high performance connection for up to 32 terminals
  • Wetproof cover
  • Daily and Periodic Reports
    * indicates daily report only
    • Financial
    • Free function
    • PLU
    • PLU Stock *
    • Department
    • Group
    • Clerk
    • Hourly
    • Monthly
    • Open Check *
    • Scanning PLU *
    • Not found PLU *
    • Table Analysis
    • Hourly item report
    • Mix & Match
    • Flash report *
  • Eat in/Take out
  • EURO
  • 10 tax table (add-in add-on)
  • Hair dresser (clerk change)
  • Red price
  • Stock control
  • Bottle link
  • Auto check number generation
  • Store/recall
  • Review
  • Media change
  • Arrangement


Epson MU-420. 3.0 lines per sec. Receipt auto cutter. Receipt on/off switch. 4 line x 24 character logo, commercial and trailer messages. 1 line x 55 digit validation printing

Journal Printer
24 column impact serial dot matrix w/ automatic take up roll winding

Paper Roll

16x2 VFD alphanumeric + 10 digit numeric display,
10 digit VFD customer display

Cash Drawer
5 bill/5 coin compartment


Flash ROM
512k for back up

Memory Protection
48 hour full charge protects memories for approximately 90 days

Back-up Battery
Rechargeable cadnica battery

Operating Temperature

Power supply
120, 220, 230, 240V AC (+-10%) Fixed

Dimensions (WxHxD)
410(W) x 332(H) x 454(D)

18 lbs.