Why buy your cash register from us?

Longevity - We have been online for over 10 years. Thus we have outlived many other online cash register retailers that have come and gone. We are here to help you, and supply your cash register needs for years to come.

Exclusivity - Unlike other online retailers, who sell everything from cash registers, fax machines, paper shredders to chairs, we ONLY sell cash registers and accessories for them. Thus we are focused and have a deeper understanding of what we sell, and we can help you choose the best cash register for your business.

Supportability - Unlike other online retailers who cannot support what they sell, or may charge you for help after the sale, we give our customers FREE LIFETIME tech support on the products that they buy from us. When you call us, you speak to a live person everytime. We do not have an automated directory system. Plus, our tech support is in house here in Florida, and NOT OUTSOURCED to another country.

True, we may be a little more expensive up front, but consider this...

  1. MOST online cash register retailers offer NO tech support. If you have any questions, and you cannot get your register running...then you have a product that you cannot use.
  2. A FEW online cash register retailers will CHARGE for support. Generally rates average $80 per hour billed in either 15 or 30 minute increments. Simply, if you save let's say $50 up front, but end up paying $80 for an hour of tech support, then you spent more money.

For your protection, always check a website's policy in regards to their tech support service.

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