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Casio QT-6100 Touchscreen Cash Register

General Information

Limited Time Special: Buy the Casio QT-6100, Casio UP-360 thermal printer and cash drawer for only $1,999!

With the Casio QT-6100 you can have the luxury of a POS system with the reliability of a cash register. The QT-6100 is a reliable touchscreen cash register system free of a Windows operating system. Yes, operate your restaurant with ease of mind knowing that your POS terminal will not crash during busy hours. Due to the Casio QT-6100 functioning without a Windows operating system, you are free of the many common Windows based POS worries including, crashes, viruses, Windows errors, etc.

As with other standard touchscreen POS systems, access guest checks from any terminal, split checks, apply discounts, access different menus quickly, apply graphical icons for menu items and monitor status of tables. Plus, operate up to 16 terminals with remote kitchen printers in clusters.

Many options are readily available for the Casio QT-6100 including multiple cash drawer configuration, remote customer display, remote printers, credit card interface, Berg and coin dispenser options and PC programming with CV-31 software to instantly upload program changes while operating the register. Yes, change prices and other information instantly from a back office!

Flash card technology is available allowing saving of the program to the flash card for secure back-up. The flash card enables sales reports to be saved and opened in a .csv file on the PC for spreadsheet report viewing.

Due to the complexity of initial programming we must program this unit prior to shipment. We will program this register for $399 and only $99 for additional terminals. No yearly service contracts need to be purchased, we provide FREE lifetime tech support!

When you purchase this system, we guide you through the whole process starting from:

  • Explaining the features and discerning your needs
  • Obtaining your program and/or menus
  • Setting up the system to your requirements
  • Shipping the product in a timely manner
  • Offering free lifetime training and tech support over the phone
  • Call us to get started at 239-693-3800

    Download A Factory Brochure (PDF) (449K)
    Please wait, brochure may take a few moments to download.

  • Hardware Specifications

    1. 12.1" TFT color display with 800 X 600 resolution.
    2. 32 bit processor running at 240 MHz
    3. 32 MB RAM memory standard
    4. 16 MB Flash memory
    5. Flash card technology
    6. 3 communication ports for:
      • External printers
      • Data Cap w/ debit, credit, EBT, gift card
      • Telequip coin dispenser
      • Scanner
      • Video Surveillance
      • Slip Printer
      • Scale
      • Intercard prepayment system
      • Remote customer display
      • Wireless devices
      • Berg dispensers
      • Kitchen Monitors
      • PC Software
    7. Uses standard serial cables for connections (no pigtails required)
    8. 10/100 Base-T with TCP/IP network
    9. Two cash drawer ports
    10. Dallas key option
    11. Mag. Stripe option
    12. DataCap using DataTran or IPTran
    13. Push data to an FTP site automatically
    14. Weight: 12 lbs; Dimensions: 13½"(W) x 13½"(D) x 13"(H)

    Software Specifications

    1. Optional Interactive PC programming tool
    2. IPL load from CF card or PC
    3. Touch display available in program mode for ease of programming
    4. Program labels/ pictures on keys
    5. Programmable key shapes
    6. Programmable key colors
    7. Optional Dallas key can initiate an end of day routine
    8. Can store EJ on flash card

    Table Service Specifications

    1. Floating checks (max. number is memory dependent)
    2. Table layouts for up to 10 rooms
    3. Server sign on can link to room and menu screen
    4. Up to 15 main menus
    5. Graphical icons assigned to keys
    6. 5 Table status with separate colors
    7. Simple split check routine at any time during the servicing
    8. Graphical table icons show check total, server, last time ordered time check opened.
    9. Seat # assignment with consolidation on guest check and KP printing.
    10. Bar code printing on checks for recall and payment
    11. Clerk sign-on through code, Dallas key, or Mag. Stripe reader
    12. Cashier monitoring

    Fast Food Specifications

    1. Drive-thru screen
    2. Recall unlimited finalized transactions from the EJ
    3. Optional 3-line; 5-color remote alpha numeric customer display
    4. Simplified cash drawer declaration with media menu.
    5. Department stock status with alarm when below minimum.
    6. Floating customer charge file with discount level.
    7. Scale interface for cafeterias

    Call Us @ 239-693-3800

    Our Price $1,999



    Rear View

    Top Level Menu

    Pop-up Menu

    Authorized Dealer Award

    Optional Remote Graphic Pole Display

    Software Screenshots
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    Keyboard Programming

    PLU Programming

    Department Programming

    Memory Allocation

    CV-31 Reports Below
    QT-6100 Feature Only


    General Reports

    Employee Report

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