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Using and displaying in letters and numbers (A,B,C,1,2,3).
The total number of persons that can log onto a cash register using an access code.
Register will record transactions in categories and totalize by category on department record.
Abbreviation for Electronic Cash Register.
Inter-Register Communications. The data that can be sent from register to register or register to PC.
 Kitchen/Remote Printer:
A seperate receipt printer that can be placed in another location, eliminating the need to manually transfer orders from location to location.
 Media Slot:
A thin slot located on the face of a cash drawer. Useful for inserting checks or cash into the drawer without opening the cash drawer.
Using and displaying in numbers (1,2,3).
 Price Look Up (PLU):
PLU function memorizes prices for items allowing for quicker item entry.
 Scanner - CCD:
A scanner using a light beam to read a barcode, works within 1 to 2 inches of barcode.
 Scanner - Laser:
A scanner using a single beam laser to read a borcode, works within 6-12 inches.
 Scanner - Omni-Directional:
A scanner using multiple lasers at varying angles to read a borcode, works within 6-12 inches.
 Sentinal Alarm:
Cash in Drawer Alarm. If you program a cash in drawer limit of $200, when cash in drawer reaches $200, an alarm will sound signaling you to do a cash pick-up.
 Slip Printer:
A remote (non-internal) receipt printer.
 Thermal Printer:
A printer using heat to burn the information on the receipt. Thermal printers are extremely fast, quiet and do not require replacement ink cartridges.